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JIVE64 In studio


"It's both hilarious and striking while lo-fi, remaining a one-off but clever as hell."

- Mark S. Tucker , Fame Review

"Their entire album is artistically brilliant synth-pop."

- Rick Jamm , Jamsphere

JIVE64 is made up of industry veterans Roy Cohen (production, composition, & backup vocals) and songstress Ella Tadmor (lead vocals). The two musicians paired together to create a pool of ideas that has generated into an energized sound somewhere between 80’s retro synth-pop and current electro-house trends. Their diverse and interesting backgrounds provides key elements in them understanding and honing in on their targeted markets.

Resolutions is the first single recorded by the duo following a long time off. It is a back-to-basic single that brings back the 80s 8bit sounds that were dominant in the duo's first album "Goto 10".


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